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GUI The administrative GUI (Graphical User Interface) is the direct interface to your IVR database. Above Ground Development will provide either a web-based or windows-based GUI to interface with your IVR database. This will allow for manual updating/interfacing to your database in a user friendly environment. We can provide and store any additional information that your IVR project requires even if it is not directly related to the IVR. Some features include:
  • Participant demographical Info
  • Manual Notes
  • Study Arm info
  • Visit Scheduling and info
  • Any other info that is connected to an IVR participant


Reports Graphs and Charts Most IVR projects will come with several reports that will provide you with detailed information about your IVR calls. You will be able to access and run these reports from the GUI. These include:
  • Call Details
  • Call Summary
  • Import Summary
  • Line Usage
We can also create custom reports such as letters to parcipants which include unique IVR selections.


Our Core technologies include:
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Language: Visual Basic VB.NET and ASP.NET
  • Reports: Crystal Reports
  • Telephony: VXML, VOIP
However, we can custom program applications if our Core solutions do not fit your needs.

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