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Appointment Reminders Header

GUI If you are a company looking for an IVR, Email, or Text Messaging Appointment Reminder Service, look no further.

Our most ambitious project to date completed and launched in July 2013. : Appointment Reminders for Businesses is an online appointment reminder service for businesses.

It offers Free Accounts where companies can use their services for free to make up to 100 appointment reminders per month. Their Business Accounts start at only $10 per month. They are probably one of the most affordable reminder services around. Although the infrastructure can certainly support thousands of reminders per day, their bread-and-butter customers are small to mid-sized businesses who want a high-quality appointment reminder service and cannot afford to pay several hundred dollars per month.

Some of the features that you will find with their service are:

  • Call reminders, text message reminders, and email reminders
  • No software installation
  • Use your own scheduling software
  • Link your calendar or upload files to their secure server
  • Have nightly reports emailed to you
  • No contracts

If you go with a Business Account you can also get the ability to customize your reminders including adding your logo, company colors, and URL to your email reminders. You can also have your reminders generate from your CallerID or Business Email address.

We hope you will take the time to visit their site!

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