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IVR Programming Header

Interactive Voice Response Systems

Digital Telephone IVR Switch

We can set up and maintain just about any type of IVR for you! Once we design and deliver your IVR system, you own all the hardware and software. We can maintain it for you at your site or host it at our own location.
We have experience with many different types of IVRs including:
  • College Registration Systems
  • Research based IVRS
  • Surveys
  • Outdialers
  • Text Messaging
  • Text to Speech
  • Multi-language
  • Digital Voicemail
  • Speech Recognition
  • All of the information collected in the IVR is stored in a secure SQL database and we provide reports for you to view or edit the information.
  • We provide professional voice-talent in both English and Spanish. Other languages available on request.
  • We can provide anything from a simple 4 port analog IVR to a 48 or more port digital IVR.
  • We can integrate into your existing PBX or work directly with the phone company to set up your phone lines.
Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss an IVR solution or hear a demo of an existing IVR.

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