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Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR) Solutions

What is an IVR?

Essentially an IVR is an automated phone system with capabilities for making and receiving calls and playing automated messages.

Some IVRs are simple and basically make an outbound call to someone and play a voice file. Other IVRs are far more advanced and can include capabilities such as multiple languages, complex logic trees, transfer capabilities, and data storage spanning multiple calls.

At Above Ground Development, we custom create your IVR project based on your specific requirements. 

Research Based IVRs

Research Based IVRsWe specialize in research based IVRs. They typically consist of a series of calls that are sent periodically over a period of time. They collect data, provide feedback, and dynamically change based on the research participants involvement in the study.

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IVR Surveys

IVR SurveysSend Automated Surveys to your customers to provide feedback on your products or customer service. Collect data from your customers and view aggregated reports on trends.

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Hosted IVRs

Hosted IVRsOur IVR platform uses the latest technology to provide the most user friendly experience to both you and your customers. Our platform is cloud based, meaning there is no software for you to install or manage. Our servers and web site and HIPAA Compliant and extremely secure.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment RemindersSend HIPAA Compliant Appointment Reminders to your customers or patients via call, text, or email with our sister company appointmentreminders.com. Or incorporate reminders, alerts, and notifications into your IVR Project.


No SPAMAbove Ground Development maintains a highly professional portfolio and does not develop or host political IVRs or Scams. 

Multiple Languages

Multiple LanguagesWe can develop your IVR in multiple languages based on your needs. Typically they would include English and possibly Spanish but we can add additional languages if needed.

Data Privacy and SecurityData Privacy and Security

At Above Ground Development we are very focused on Data Privacy and Security.  We take it very seriously! ***Know who you are dealing with before you share your customer’s data! You can rest assured that your company and customer information is safe, secure, and we will never share your data with anyone!

We work with many large-scale medical companies so we are required to keep our data HIPAA Compliant.

Many IVR services are located outside of the United States. We are located in Denver, CO and our data is housed in Phoenix, AZ in a Highly Secure, HIPAA Compliant Environment (even if you don’t use or need HIPAA Compliance, your data is VERY Secure)!

***Minimal Data Policy

We only collect and store the necessary data in order to operate your IVR and if and when you cancel your account or end your IVR campaign, we will delete your entire company and all historical data.

Built in the USA

Built in the USA
  • We are a U.S. Based company and headquartered in Denver, CO.
  • Our staff comes to you with years of experience and a combined background in automated communication technologies including text messaging, automated calling, email campaigns, appointment reminder software, data integration, telecommunications, HIPAA Compliance, and customer support.
  • We provide a live, hands-on experience from day 1 until your IVR project is complete.
  • Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is available to answer any questions that you have via chat, email, call, and/or support tickets.
  • We follow all security and HIPAA protocols when it comes to storing and accessing data.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Above Ground Development has been online and in operation since 2003.

The roots and services of the company stretch back over 20 years and span several other companies and organizations specializing in online, automated calling, emailing, and texting communications.

The company has grown substantially since it’s humble beginnings and is now one of the leading interactive voice response (IVR) developers in the United States and Canada.

You can rest assured that your company is in good hands, your data is private and secure, and you will always be able to speak with a live customer service representative when you need help.

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