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Custom Built IVRsOur IVR projects are all custom built based on your specific needs and requirements. While you may be able to find an out of box IVR solution somewhere else for cheaper, it may not fit your needs. Typically, out of the box solutions tend to be very limited and structured with what you can do. Our Interactive Voice Response Systems are built from the ground up to suit your specific needs and requirements.

We specialize in large scale, complex IVRs that require capabilities that can only be accomplished through programming languages. Our IVRs are hand built with coding languages such as C#, Visual Basic, and Java.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Functionality

Whether your project is a simple survey IVR or a complex research project, we offer the functionality to make your project unique to your requirements.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) FunctionalitySome of the types of specialization we offer are:

  • Complex Phone Trees
  • Multiple ARMs (Typically for Research Studies)
  • Inbound, Outbound, and Transfers
  • Database Lookups, Storage, and Real-Time Analysis of user input
  • Multiple Calls using data from previous calls
  • Multiple Languages
  • Speech Recognition
  • Advanced Administrator Consoles
  • Trigger Text Messages and Emails to Participants or Staff


Typically each project is different and includes specific requirements. This is why we treat each IVR project independently. Our hands-on approach includes and extensive project requirement and specifications phase. During this phase of the project, we will meet regularly with your team in order to create a detailed specification document before programming begins.  The spec document will contain all call flows, voice file content, and data requirements.

Once the spec document is created, we will program your Interactive Voice Response Solution based on the document. Once programmed, we will run it through intensive internal QA testing to make sure there are no issues or bugs.  After the internal QA testing phase, we will allow your team to conduct your own testing to make sure the project functions as intended. 

IVR Development and Hosting Life Cycle

IVR Development and Hosting Life CycleInitial Requirements

Appointment Reminders for 
We will meet with you to gather initial requirements for your project and come up with an estimate and timeframe

Specifications Document

A detailed specifications document will be provided to you with flow charts, data requirements, and voice file content.

Custom Programming

Programming will begin on your project based on the specifications document

QA Testing

QA Testing will be done to make sure that the project runs smoothly with no bugs or errors.

Client Testing

Once internal QA testing is complete, you will be given access to the system for your own testing.

Go Live

After you have tested the project and any bugs or issues have been addressed, the IVR will go live.

Proactive Monitoring

Our team will proactively monitor your project to address any unforeseen issues or bugs that arise.

End of Project

At the end of the project, we will give you all data that was collected and fully delete the application including removal of all PHI.

How Long Does it Take to Build?

How Long Does it Take to BuildThe timeframe varies considerably depending upon the complexity of the IVR project. For very simple IVR, the timeframe can be just a few weeks. For more complex IVRs, the development time can range from a 3 to 6 months depending on what is involved. Some of the factors that affectthe timeframe are:

  • Number of Calls
  • Call Complexity – Are all the calls similar in structure?
  • Call Length
  • Number of Languages
  • Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Text Messaging and or Emailing Included?

Administrative Interface

Administrative InterfaceOur admin interface allows you to control your IVR. It includes capabilities such as:

  • Add/Edit Subjects
  • Trigger Calls Manually
  • View Call Data
  • Add/Edit Calls
  • Change Days/Times of Calls