IVR Surveys

What is an IVR Survey Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Surveys collect data from your customers or members through an automated phone system. Surveys can be used to evaluate member service levels, collect demographic info, or gather any other information.

IVR Surveys can be inbound or outbound, meaning that our system can call your customers automatically or your customers can call in to the system. In addition, you can have an agent transfer your customers directly into the survey. This would typically happen at the end of a call with a customer service rep.

Examples and Use Cases:

Examples and Use CasesThe most typical application for IVR surveys is to evaluate customer care. When you reach out to a customer service agent via chat box, at the end of the chat, you are usually give an option to rate the level of service. With phone calls, you can use an IVR survey to accomplish the same thing but for phone call requests. The agent will transfer the customer into the survey at the end of the call.

IVR Surveys can also be used to send calls out to a wide population to collect data on a wide variety of topics.  For example, maybe your local elementary school is thinking of installing a new playground. You can send out an automated call survey to all the parents to collect information on what kind of playground equipment people prefer. 

Or perhaps you work for a company that maintains public trails and spaces. IVR Surveys can go out to collect information on what parks and trails are used the most. 

Inbound, Outbound, and Transfers

Inbound, Outbound, and TransfersThere are several ways to connect your customers with an IVR Survey.

You can simply allow them to call in to a phone number to take the survey. This is great for allowing the public to take the survey especially if you do not have everyone’s contact information.

For outbound surveys, you can simply upload a list of contact to our system through the admin console and we will reach out to them automatically.

Transfers allow your agents or customer service reps to send your customers directly to the survey after a call.

IVR Vs Website?

IVR Vs WebsiteThere are a few reasons why you would use an IVR Survey over a website:

  • Reaching a population that may not have access to the internet
  • Transferring customers into a survey after a tech support phone call
  • Interactive Voice Response Surveys can collect voice snippets from your callers instead of just typed text. 
  • Some folks prefer old fashioned phone calls to websites or internet.