AGD-Text Messaging and Emails

Text Messaging and EmailsOur Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems contain the ability to send out text messages and emails if you require them.

SMS messages, also known as text messages are one of the most efficient ways to send a quick message. Emails are also a great way to send information to your participants or your staff.

Participant Alerts & Notifications

Participant Alerts & NotificationsYou can also add alerts or “Triggers” that can notify you via text or email when someone responds a certain way to your IVR.

For example, you could set up a trigger so that if someone replies in a specific way to a question, it will notify you immediately via text message. This way you can follow up almost immediately without needing to log in and check the replies.

Alternatively, you can have alerts sent to a shared email box, or a distribution list. That way, whoever is monitoring the email can follow up almost immediately with your participants!

You can also send them texts or emails containing all of the information that they input into that weekly call. Or if they request information during an IVR call, you can send them a followup email with that info.

Administrator Alerts

Administrator AlertsYou can also send text or email alerts to the system administrator. For example, say you have an IVR that collects blood pressure information on a weekly basis.  If a research participant enters a value that’s extremely high or low. In other words, something that could be dangerous or life threatening, an alert can be sent to the researcher to indicate that the participant may be in danger.

In addition, text alerts can be send to the research staff if a live call is requested from a participant, or if the participant answers a question a certain way.

Keeping Out of the Spam Folder

Keeping Out of the Spam FolderWe follow the standard guidelines for keeping our emails out of the spam folders. This includes using a custom domain and verified DNS. In addition, we always comply with the CAN-SPAM act.

We use a 1 click unsubscribe method as well. This allows your customers to easily unsubscribe if they wish, resulting in happy customers and a high email delivery rate.

Universal Formatting

Universal FormattingAll of our emails are formatted to look good in most email programs, and mobile devices. As well, we always include an option to view the reminder in the web browser. This ensures a high rate of delivery and customer satisfaction..